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Shane had a pretty normal "Hawaii" childhood. His grandma lent him and his brother two ukuleles when he was in the 1st or 2nd grade. They learned the basics like My Dog Has Fleas, Wipeout, and any Ka'au Crater Boys hit that they could find the chords for. In his world, all the kids knew how to play ukulele and sing, so there was no differentiation between him an any other of his friends. He just knew he loved singing. It wasn't until 7th grade, where he realized he was potentially better than average at singing, most notably when playing for his fellow classmates of the opposite sex. This is probably where he grew his love for singing ballads and love songs.

In high school, he met a bunch of like-minded, music loving friends. He did his first paid gig with his first band in 9th grade at his bandmate's annual Karate club Family get-together. They were so nervous that they played their first song's three chord progression for what felt like 15 minutes before finally remembering the lyrics. At the end of high school he and his friends formed his current band Smooth Remedy, and they've been gigging together ever since.

With the rise of file sharing and YouTube, college was an amazing time. All of this new music and unheard of musicians were circulating like wildfire. Even though he was at school for engineering, Shane took advantage of listening to these new amazing singer-songwriters that were popping up. Being on the west coast, a lot of these new musicians toured the west coast and often stopped at his college where he could listen to them in person. This was also a time where he learned how strange it is to write in the third person.  College was an amazing time.


After graduating, Shane moved back home to Honolulu where he almost immediately started working as a civil engineer. He continued to gig with his band Smooth Remedy and grew increasingly more skeptical about his career choices. He realized that although he was helping people through engineering, he felt he could positively impact more people through music than he ever could as an engineer.

With the blessing of his parents, Shane decided to put his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering in the rear view mirror. After giving that career an almost 6 year go, he is now fully invested into all things music. You can find him playing at different venues around Honolulu and occasionally traveling to the States to play.

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